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Our Team

Our Team

The team at Dunedin can help you with any of your legal issues. From family law to employment disputes, we can help you! We pride ourselves in being a friendly, approachable legal service. Certain legal issues are very stressful for you and thus we take a very considerate approach to emotionally driven legal issues. We will always put your best interests first.

Sharon Stark Lont
I have been practising law in Dunedin since 1986 and have had my own law firm since 1992. I am proud of us all as a team. We work together to provide clients with the best possible service in a way that ensures they feel comfortable throughout the legal process. I am a qualified mediator and am trained to practice in collaborative law. I specialise in relationship, residential and commercial property, employment and commercial law as well as Estate Planning, 
administration and trusts. Outside work I am proud to be involved in the Otago SPCA. Over a number of years I have been a volunteer ranging from Chairperson to cage cleaning. My experience shows through my empathetic approach to clients while providing then with a robust representation.
Paul Ellicott
My practise covers a wide range of legal areas, including property, employment, estate, commercial, traffic and family law.The best part of my job is getting good outcomes for clients and helping them to resolve their issues in a straight forward and positive way. I pride myself on taking a professional but down to earth approach to practise. Outside of work 
I am a member of Globe Theatre Dunedin, and regularly attend and perform in local productions. I also volunteer with Otago Youth Wellness Trust and Dog Rescue Dunedin, and love spending time with my family, friends and Lou dog.


Hi everyone! Despite the fact I have very little client contact, (and then exclusively only on demand) I love the times I am at work with the team. I keep them all in line by ensuring their paper bins contain NO food. Weekends for me though are the best time. You may see me tearing along the beach or brunching at Starfish cafe in St Clair where my favourite chips are made. All in all life couldn't be better and I am proud to be número Uno and the prettiest of the team.
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